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Elgabalus despikabal emporer by henryblat Elgabalus despikabal emporer by henryblat
elgabalus is of ancient rome and is of course worst emporer in history of roman times. did you know there that was nothing he cwoudl do wrong to infureiate the people of roam and the cenate? all night long when working people wer sleepign he just prostitues himeslf an revels more and more. well it trueth it could not last forever because of a plan that was devised. his enemies saw the horror of his debautche-ry and deceied to end it for good of rome. finally one night the gaurd attacked and killed him when he was hieding for his life well you cna bet that was the only night of his life when he was not krousing and prostitueting himeself to the detriment of rome. I paint this here becaues in my land a similar thing happen each day with earesponsibale leaders and they way the keep the war going on in our very streets and they don't care becaseus they only want more pleaseru for themselves at the expentse of us the people. well you can bet the there are days numbered and they're depauteries cannot last for ever it must end but will we the people be ended first before they are? I cna only pray that it will not come to that.

ps i cannot reveal what is my natiev land b;ecause of plolitical persecusion i would be imprisoned for saying it.

if you want to reaed about Elgabalus you can look it up on here this website [link]

PS the artikle is in english
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LevelJ Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2011
Dear henryblat,

I am a Ph-D student at the University of Gothenburg and next April I will be doing a conference paper on modern receptions of the Roman emperor Elagabalus.

Having seen and greatly admired your DeviantArt picture "Elagabalus despikabel emperor", I'd like to ask you if you would consider participating in my mini study by answering a questionnaire? Of course, participation would be completely on your own terms and completely anonymous (and to alleviate any fears of dealing with a stuffy academic, let me mention that I am myself 23, and a great admirer of underground artistic works).

If you are interested or if you just have any questions, feel free to contact me at

Yours sincerely,

Linnea Åshede
Classical Archaeology and Ancient History
Department of Classical Studies
University of Gothenburg
henryblat Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2011
yes off cours
LevelJ Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2011
Thank you so much! (Getting anyone to participate has been quite the challenge.)

Could you provide me with an e-mail adress so that I can send you the questionnaire as a word-file?

Yours sincerely,

Linnea Åshede
henryblat Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2011
please send a quesitions for me to me here on da in notes
LevelJ Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2011
Oh, sorry, now I see.

I will post the different sections of the questionnaire in several messages, and we'll see if it works out.
LevelJ Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2011
Questions concerning modern receptions and representations of Elagabalus

 Please use contrasting typeface for answers
 All questions are voluntary. Answers may be used and discussed in my presentation but strictly anonymously
 If you are willing to answer a question in the form but do not wish me to discuss it in my presentation, please indicate by using red text
 Please consider these questions an "informal interview", there are no right or wrong answers. Personal opinion matters more than historical accuracy

I. Your personal data

 (This section mainly exists to give me some background against which to read your thoughts on Elagabalus)

1. Your name/screen name/alias

2. Your age

3. Your sex/gender

4. Your sexual orientation

5. Your place of birth and current residence

6. Describe which culture/cultures You identify Yourself with (for example ethnicity, social movements, subcultures, Internet groups)

7. What is your profession/vocation/principal interests in life?
LevelJ Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2011
II. Elagabalus

8. In Your own words, who was Elagabalus?

9. How and where did You learn about Elagabalus? (ancient sources or modern, textual sources or visual, from someone else or on Your own? How old were You?)

10. What first brought Elagabalus to Your attention? What sparked Your interest in him?

11. What is Your opinion on Elagabalus' age when he became emperor and died? Was he a man, a boy, a teenager?

12. What do You consider to be the principal reason/reasons for Elagabalus' murder?

13. What is Your opinion on Elagabalus' sexual identity and orientation? Do You consider him straight, gay, bisexual, transsexual, transvestite, other? Do you consider him male or female?

14. How do You feel about Elagabalus' personally? Do You like him/dislike him? Why?

15. Does Elagabalus symbolise anything to You personally or to a group You identify with? What? Do You primarily consider him a historical person, a mythical person or a symbol (or all of them)?
LevelJ Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2011
III. Your artistic work concerning Elagabalus

16. Title of Your work

17. Describe Your work involving Elagabalus (for example media, format, private/professionally commissioned)

18. Describe the purpose of Your work

19. What prompted the choice of Elagabalus as a subject?

20. What determined Your personal ideas about Elagabalus' physical appearance?

21. Please share any thoughts You have around Elagabalus and your work concerning him

22. Anything else You feel You would like to include?
BernardFazling Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
A poworful piece to show the attitude of the man in the time that he lived in, with some very nice "contempereary" touches. I find this picture to be an enigma in some ways because it has "sprung fully formed" and has no visible forbears.
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